Your Expert in Fertility Sunshine Coast Wide.

Infertility is defined as the inability for a couple to conceive after at least 12 months of regular unprotected intercourse.  About 10-15% of couples have difficulty falling pregnant.  Infertility includes not being able to carry a pregnancy to term. There are numerous reasons why couples require fertility assistance. Every case is unique, and Dr. George Bogiatzis has been pleased to use his experience and knowledge of infertility complications and treatments to assist women in their concerns about fertility Sunshine Coast to Bundaberg, as part of the Fertility Solutions team.


Your IVF Buderim Specialist with Vast Experience in Helping Families Grow

George’s warm, conversational manner will put your mind at ease and let you know your treatment options in a safe, caring environment. Our midwife, Georgina, is also available in our clinic on Mondays and Wednesdays for additional support if you would like to speak to her about any questions and concerns you may have.

Fertility Solutions work with Dr. Bogiatzis to provide premium services for Bulk-billed IVF based at our practice at Buderim Private Hospital.

We invite you to make contact with our office to make a “Fertility” appointment where a management plan can be formulated and a referral to Fertility Solutions will be arranged. Call us today to book your no-obligation appointment with George to discuss your personal situation.


Fertility Solutions – Your Best Treatment Choice for Fertility Sunshine Coast wide

There are many fertility treatment options available to you! The Fertility Solutions doctors are highly recognised obstetricians and gynaecologists who happen to be one of the youngest teams of fertility doctors working locally on the Sunshine Coast. This means they can share your journey for life from pre-conception to birth and beyond as you continue your family.

Dr. George works closely with the Fertility Solutions team as a leading fertility doctor assisting women from the Sunshine Coast, all the way north to Bundaberg in their dreams of having a baby. The newest low-cost IVF treatments offered by his team at Fertility Solutions, transfer the embryo at an advanced stage, which can increase your chance of pregnancy success. This trend is observed amongst most age groups and is based on Fertility Solutions clinic data.

Fertility Solutions can offer:

  • A comprehensive range of fertility treatments
  • Affordable Bulk Billed* IVF and FET
  • 4 Levels of IVF Treatment
  • Choice of being awake or asleep during procedures
  • Success rates we are proud to share
  • Boutique clinic with personalised care
  • Comprehensive cycle monitoring
  • We offer natural frozen embryo transfers


Book an appointment with Dr. George today to discuss your Fertility options, and he will provide you with a referral to assist you through the Fertility Solutions clinic at Buderim Private Hospital.

Your Expert in Fertility Sunshine Coast Wide.

Alternatively, Fertility Solutions can be contacted directly on: 1300 FERTILITY (337 845)