Listeria – that unwelcome visitor that keeps out favourite foods out of reach during pregnancy is especially difficult to keep at bay on holidays. It’s nearly Christmas and the table is full of delicious treats, but what foods should we avoid whilst pregnant?

How can I reduce my chances of being exposed to Listeria?

  • To reduce the risk of eating food contaminated with Listeria, it’s always best to eat freshly washed, prepared and cooked foods.
  • Listeria grows in cold environments, so eating the Christmas ham piping hot is your safest option.
  • Ask your butcher to prepare your meat fresh and cryovac it just prior to picking it up, then store it in the coldest part of your fridge (middle and back of fridge) and eat within 24 hours.
  • Always wash fruits/veggies and salads prior to eating.
  • Avoid mouldy cheeses like Brie/Camembert and Blue.
  • Avoid pate’ too.
  • Hard cheeses are fine and even soft cheeses made with pasteurised milk are safe (for example, cottage cheese, mozzarella, halloumi)
  • Ensure eggs are thoroughly cooked.
  • Cooked not raw shellfish are okay, but remember to store them in the coldest part of the fridge and eat within 24 hours.
  • Avoid cold cured meats like salami, pepperoni etc

Enjoy your festive feast, and remember – next year, you can eat anything!

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